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Welcome to the Sabine Regional Flood Planning Group

The next Region 4 Sabine-RFPG meeting is scheduled for September 9, 2024 at 11:00 AM.  The meeting location will be anounced after details are arranged.

  • Click here for agenda

  • Click here for Meeting Materials. 

  • Click here for agenda on Texas Secretary of State's website. 

Amended Region 4 Sabine 2023 Regional Flood Plan*

The Amended 2023 Sabine Regional Flood Plan (RFP) addresses the following topics:

  • General description of the planning region

  • Existing and Future flood risk analyses

  • Evaluation and Recommendation of floodplain management practices and goals

  • Flood mitigation needs analysis

  • Identification and evaluation of potential flood management evaluations, strategies, and projects

  • Recommendations of flood management evaluations (FME), flood management strategies (FMS),
    and flood mitigation projects (FMP)

  • Impacts of the regional flood plan and impacts on water supply

  • Flood response information and activities

  • Administrative, regulatory, and legislative recommendations

  • Flood infrastructure financing analysis

* To be voted on June 26, 2023

First Cycle Working Schedule

The first cycle working schedule can be found at the following link: 1st Cycle Working Schedule

Contact Information

Sabine River Authority, Sabine-RFPG Sponsor

c/o Mark Howard

12777 HWY 87 N

Orange, TX 77632


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